"It's not Fashion. It's Hetzukoto"

Hetzukoto was founded as a Concept store in April 2018. In the early days, Hetzukoto showcased and collaborated with emerging designers with creative minds.


With a long decades of fascinating in luxury fashion and as a luxury bag collector myself. In October 2020, I decided to turn this Emerging designer boutique into Circular Luxury. The place where we connect with other luxury bag lovers, to collaborate, to share the love and passion in luxury fashion.


Starting from a small batch of my own collection. Which I have been collecting over the years. Today, Hetzukoto has expanded and grown more collaboration with many bag lovers. Our collection is gradually growing bigger and bigger along with more sellers and buyers. 


Hetzukoto is a unique small platform. We're very selective on each item selling on our platform. We collaborate and treat everyone with love and respect as our own family. All items selling through us will be taken care of, and are in good hands. We physically checked and authenticated each item carefully. We stand behind all items we sell with pride, with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.


Sell easily and buy without hassle. Embracing the future of circular fashion.


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Bee and Hetzu, Hetzukoto 2018