• Hetzukoto commission starting from 17% for item price over €5000. Transaction fee 3% of the sales price.

    Item price up to €4999, commission 32%, transaction fee 3% /OR consigner can agree to a minimum payment.  

    General Consignment Commission Structure.

Item Price Consigner Hetzukoto Transaction fee
up to €4999 65 % 32 % 3 %
€5000+ 80 % 17 % 3 %


  • Items are required to be at Hetzukoto for a 90 day minimum to ensure proper marketing of the item(s). In case the item does not sell after 90 days, the Consigner can decide whether to continue or cancel the sales.
  • Consigner is responsible for shipping products to/ and returning from Hetzukoto. Please make sure to choose a trackable shipping method. Hetzukoto is not responsible for lost deliveries. Hetzukoto will take full responsibility for delivery between Hetzukoto and buyers only.
  • All items must be examined for authenticity before being accepted to sell. In cases where we require further supporting documentation but the Consignor cannot provide e.g. the original purchase receipt for an item, we will use Entrupy or another third party authenticator of our choice for verification. This will cost the Consignor 40€ for handbags and accessories, 145€ for Hermés Premium styles, and 45€ for all other Hermès items. This fee has to be paid on beforehand.
  • We stand against counterfeit items. We take it seriously when it comes to authentication before we put items to sell. Items which failed to comply or not passed our authentication will not be accepted.
  • If an item is dirty, an additional cleaning fee is 30€ per item. This fee has to be paid on beforehand.
  • After condition and authentication is confirmed. Most, but not all consignment items will be photographed for marketing purposes. Most of the consignment items will be listed to sell on within 2-5 days of arriving. All items will be displayed nicely in the boutique.
  • Payments are made within 14 days. Consigners will receive a sales report and receive their payment as a bank transfer.
  • Should you choose the buy-out offer, you will be paid via bank transfer based on information provided 2-3 business days after we receive, assess condition, and authenticate it. We are open to buy Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermés on certain models only.
  • Security and insurance.
    We provide CCTV at the boutique.
    However, the consigned items remain property of the consigner and, therefore, Hetzukoto is not able to insure them against theft, damage, or other disasters such as wear and tear damage due to customers try-on privileges.
    All responsibility for the items remain with the Consigner and Hetzukoto shall be blameless against any harm.
  • Email us for your inquiry. Tell us more information about your item and let's "SELL WITH US"