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1.12 - 23.12

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The future of fashion is circular

Secondhand Luxury




HETZUKOTO is a concept store based in Helsinki offering a unique boutique experience with wide selection of fashion design and accessories. Founded in 2018 by Piyapong Kerdmoh (Bee), Finland based, Thai Architect and designer. HETZUKOTO means Home of Hetzu. The name reflects a playful spirit of the concept store that showcases and collaborates with emerging designers with creative minds. Hetzukoto has two main sections, which are Designer collective and Circular Luxury.

  • HEZZUHEZZU is a playful and creative apparel brand under the roof of Hetzukoto. It is about playful edgy and happiness. Designed to embrace your inner youth and playful spirit. The brand’s philosophy is inspired by a playful characteristic of Hetzu, a wired fox terrier of the designer.
  • HETZUKOTO CIRCULAR LUXURY is a brand new section for second-hand luxury. Introduced in October 2020, aimed to empower the future of circular fashion. Extending the lifecycle of luxury goods and encouraging our customers to invest for value.

Bee and Hetzu, Hetzukoto 2018


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